Laravel 5.4 – Future Development Changes and New Features Release Notes


Due to the regular advancement in technologies and trends, we have seen gradual updates in popular web and mobile technologies. So, here we are going to discuss new development changes that have been released in Laravel 5.4.  

As we all knows, Laravel is top ranking PHP framework of now a days. It already includes different powerful features which make it a perfect framework for web development. Version 5.4 has been released for development. Improvements are necessary to enhance the quality. We will discuss these changes one by one. Please have a look.

1) Markdown Mailing System

Markdown enabled mailing system has been added as a new feature in Laravel. It provides pre-built templates and components for mail notification. You can also send message through emails, SMS and different channels. Responsive or plain text templates can be generated by this markdown system. Please have a look Markdown email template.

2) Automatic Facades

Now Laravel provides real-time facades. Through this feature, you can use any class of your application as facade. You can create any class in your application and use that as facade. Please have a look.

Let Us See Full Laravel 5.4 – Future Development Changes and New Features Release Notes Here


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