6 Focus Point For #ecommerce #webdev with #Magento

Magento is one of the most widely used CMS for building eCommerce website. The CMS offers a number of highly useful tools that allow businesses to build responsive and optimized sites that drive in traffic and retain users. Magento, unlike WordPress, requires some time to get used to. It’s not uncommon for newbies to not be aware of certain features. If you are building a site with Magento for the first time, here are several tips to keep in mind:

Carefully Choose the Good Theme

You can get thousands of themes for Magento. Some are free, and some cost money. What you should look for mostly is the responsiveness of the theme, intended design for eCommerce and optimization for SEO on Magento. There are both free and premium themes that embody all these essential features. Choose the one that best suits your business. It’s highly recommended for ecommerce sites to consider downloading fast theme files on Magento. These themes are optimized to ensure maximum speed for your site.

Pick a Responsive Theme

Go to the Magento library and browse through only the themes that are mobile responsive. A vast majority of online shoppers nowadays purchase using their smartphones and tablets. So, not being mobile responsive is essentially a death blow to many businesses. So, choose a responsive theme from the Magento library.

Don’t Touch the Code

Magento is an open-source CMS, so basically anyone can make additions to the source code. However, just because you can, don’t try to actually do it. Magento code is complex, so you will not understand it unless you are an experienced developer. Tweaking the code here and there in minor ways can lead to big changes to how your site is loaded or secured on the web. So, keep hands off the code.

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