#Magento #Shopify #WooCommerce, OpenCart – Comparison


Many of the clients and vendors who are involved in the online business are unclear about which will be the best and most trustable eCommerce platform, as it’s not necessary that every eCommerce platform solutions will work well for their business but the truth is that every eCommerce platform has different ability and possess different benefits.
So, considering many multiple factors let’s compare the different e-commerce platforms available.

Magento E-commerce Platform

Out many available e-commerce platforms Magento is a powerful e-commerce system which is most flexible and provides users a high search engine optimization capacity, Mobile responsive, secures and safer with the facility of integrating various databases such as cloud, web services, and other third party tools etc.
  • It has multiple currencies and tax for each location.
  • It has an SAS based system which is at large scale.
  • Magento has great support also it provides various types of themes and plugins.
  • Magento is based on PHP’s Zend Framework.

Shopify E-commerce Platform

Second to the list is very known e-commerce platform is Shopify. Shopify is proud to have been able to meet the continuous rise in demands over the past few years. Bussiness environments have always been dynamic. And, the biggest challenge for businesses, especially in the current digital era, is to pick the pace to evolve rapidly and stay a step ahead of their competitors.
Shopify leaves no stone unturned to understand business requirements and deliver solutions that bring out desirable results.
  • It is user-friendly as well SEO friendly which makes custom title tag, meta description, prevents Canonical Issues and much more.
  • Easy setup, with ease of safe payment and fast loading ability.
  • Shopify also provides its hosting which is a paid service.
  • Shopify provides full control over the coding.

WooCommerce E-commerce Platform

Woocommerce as an open source platform known as a most customizable eCommerce platform for building online business comes as a free plugin for the PHP CMS system WordPress. The plugin is free and simple to use which makes It is very easy to work on even with less technical knowledge.

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