#Angular2 #React #Ember #Aurelia – Best #Javascript Frameworks


Are you still planning to build web applications based on a plain JavaScript?

No Way!

With the modern age of rapid app development, we require much better ways to develop the web applications and this is where a JavaScript framework outshines everything else. JS frameworks are considered as the skeletal framework of the single page web application development and offer amazing support to the plain JavaScript and the HTML. Let us consider the top leveling JS frameworks of all times and understand which one wins the battle or rather suit your requirement.

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Angular2 JavaScript Development Framework

Google’s AngularJS is revered as the most popular JavaScript frameworks of all time. It offers super powers to the basic HTML by adding all the required features to develop an interactive user interface. It is the most used JavaScript framework for Single Page Web Applications also it is well-supported by the biggest developer community to provide extensive support and ease of work. But AngularJS has its own set of limitations, especially in its interpretation and conventions of MVC pattern. Apart from that, Angular has long been afflicted by the issues related to performance. A developer needs to retune, improvise on some of the codes to start working effectively after the page load. However, a 5X faster than previous versions, a completely new syntax and modern framework is the new Angular version, the Angular2.

React JavaScript Development Framework

A mere 43KB minified Facebook’s very own React JavaScript. It is a library and not a complete framework. Backed with extensive community support and a solid foundation, it is used for handling the view layer for the web applications and build reusable UI components. It is used on both server and client side and utilizes virtual DOM to enhance the application’s performance.

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