Top 5 #Java #Frameworks- #JSF, #Grails, #GWT, Spring MVC, Struts 2


Undoubtedly Java is the most demanded programming languages in the world today. A JS framework provides a solid foundation on which a programmer can build programs. It includes predefined classes and functions that are used to manage the hardware devices, interact with system software and process input, thereby making the life of a developer a lot easier. A web application javascript framework is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web services, web resources and web applications. In this article, I have scooped the information about top 4 Java web frameworks.

Spring MVC – Java Web Framework

After more than 10 years since its first release, Spring MVC framework is still ahead of the competition. With the passage of time, it expanded to embrace a complete MVC framework and kept evolving to turn into a full-scale Java framework. Designed as a layered J2EE/Java framework which integrates specially applied sciences, the framework is widely accredited in offering the software engineers a complete toolkit for web application configuration, application development and for security projects.


  • Lightweight container with enhanced modularity
  • Can be deployed across various platforms
  • Flexible Dependency Injection use
  • 3-way Configuration including XML, Java and annotation config
  • Eased injection to test data via POJO’s


  • Comes with a steep learning curve
  • Bit difficult to implement for a novice
  • Spring applications take the time to deploy than JEE applications.

JSF – Java Web Framework

Oracle supported JSF is a net utility Java framework intended to ease development integration of the web based UI. Although this framework is not the best in the world in terms of quick Java development it is easy to utilize as the documentation is offered by Oracle. It is a standardized display technology that boasts of rich tools and libraries which let you pave through even in the high complexity of an application.

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