Advantages & Disadvantages of Using #Nodejs


Before we get into the advantages and disadvantages of using Node JS, let me give you a brief idea about Node.js.

It is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side applications. Built on Chrome’s V8 Java Script engine, Node.js uses non-blocking, event-driven input output model, thereby making it efficient and lightweight. Npm, Node.js’ package ecosystem is revered as one of the largests open source libraries of the world.

Top advantages of Node.Js

1.   Node js is fast

Node js uses the V8 engine which is developed by Google for chrome. V8 compiles JavaScript into native machine code directly which leads to faster speeds and efficient execution of the code.

2.   Java Script language

Javascript language is used to code in Node js for both frontend and backend. As a developer, you are not required to learn a new server side programming language for Node js. Even a novice java developer can find it easy to work in node js platform.

3.   Open source

Node js is open source runtime environment and is free to use under MIT license. Node js is the cross-platform which runs on windows, mac, Linux.

4.   Active community support

Node.js Community is an inclusive network of developers who come together to discuss, learn and contribute to the various projects. This community is also active on GitHub.

5.   Asynchronous I/O

Node use asynchronous programming. Every I/O operation is non blocking, you can do multiple operations at the same time. Users can easily send multiple mails, database operations and read files simultaneously.

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